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Lets Tour the Classrooms

The Early Learning Center preschool program is open to children from 12 months to six years old. Children learn and play together in one of three classrooms, based on their age. All three classrooms have structured daily schedules with instructors using Creative Curriculum. The classrooms are housed in child-friendly facilities designed to encourage exploration and learning, including a newly constructed preschool building next door to the main structure.

Toddler      Preschool A      Preschool B


Our toddlers may be our littlest students but they are the busiest. At this young age, our children are exposed to lots of language. You will hear singing, whistling, music and conversations. Since most toddlers are non-verbal, sign language helps them to have their needs met. Teachers help the children learn a few signs so children can ask for “more” or they can express when they are “all done.” They are exposed to books, games, shapes, colors and numbers. After a busy morning they enjoy rest time in the early afternoon. Our toddlers enjoy a separate playground so they enjoy the outdoors in the morning and afternoon.

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ZERO TO THREE is a national, nonprofit organization that informs, trains, and supports professionals, policymakers, and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers.

Program for Infant and Toddler Care – PITC The PITC Online Library houses an extensive collection of multimedia resources related to early childhood.  All the resources are selected by our faculty to support the philosophy, practice and teaching of PITC.

Love Talk Play YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER.  This is a big responsibility, but there are little things you can do every day that will give your child a great state in life. . .and school.  In fact, you may already be doing them!

PreSchool A

Our preschool room really gets down to business. Lesson plans include art, cooking, classroom jobs, writing stories and music/dance. Children are exposed to early writing skills and pre-math activities. It is not uncommon to hear the children sing the alphabet and the different sounds each letter makes. Our preschoolers join our pre-kinders on field trips and in outdoor play. It is at this stage they start looking outside themselves. They quickly learn to work with and to help others. During clean up time, preparation for meals and classroom care, you will find children working together to get the job done. Just like adults, only cuter!

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Office of Superintendent of Public School – OSPI
OSPI Early Learning works closely with the Washington State Department of Early Learning and private partners Thrive by Five Washington and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to align educational opportunities for young children from birth through 3rd grade throughout our public school system.

Thrive by Five Washington
The first years of a child’s life are incredibly important.

Preschool B

Activities in our pre-kinder room are all in preparation for kindergarten academically and socially. Children are busy writing their names, identifying some words, counting to 20, drawing shapes and following patterns. All of which are precursors to reading, writing and math. This class uses the Creative Curriculum to help plan activities that will address the skills children presently have and then presents them with new and challenging ones. Parents get to sit down with the teachers twice a year to share news about their child and to hear how they are progressing. Our goal is to prepare the whole family for kindergarten and the world of elementary school.

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Department of Early Learning-School Readiness
Department of Early Learning (DEL) strive to help create save, healthy, nurturing learning experiences for all Washington children.  Our work focuses on the earliest years in children’s homes, child care, school programs and communities.  We offer information and resources for children’s first and most important teachers — parents – as well as others who care for and teach young children.

Educational School District 105-ESD
105 Educational Service District supports the learning success of more than 60,000 students who attend the 25 public school districts and 23 state-approved private and tribal schools we serve in South Central Washington.  As a service agency, our purpose is to meet the expressed needs of local school districts by coordinating and conducting cooperative programs that benefit the educational needs of the young people in the four counties we serve.

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