Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is dedicated to the well-being of the Heritage student body and lives by the following principles:

  • Supports communication between students, faculty and staff
  • Coordinates extra-curricular activities that will enhance students’ educational and professional goals
  • Represents the student body interests in working with university administration
  • Encourages and creates student enthusiasm in school activities that will promote campus unity and leadership development
  • Respects the individuality and diversity of the student body and our local community

Student governing authority shall be vested in the SGA under the provisions of this Constitution:

SGA hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year to enrich the experience of our students.

For the latest activity and event information, or to volunteer and get involved, find SGA on:

Executive Board

Isaias Guerrero

Isaias Guerrero

Janeth Pena

Janeth Pena

Director of Budget and Finances
Yanet Torres

Yanet Torres

Director of Public Relations
Sandra Zesati

Sandra Zesati

Vice President
Maria Rivera

Maria Rivera

Projects & Events Coordinator
Samuel Cuevas

Samuel Cuevas

Director of Social Media
Grisel Rodriguez

Grisel Rodriguez

Secretary - Minute Recorder
Laura Quintero Martinez

Laura Quintero Martinez

Chair of Leadership

Student Organizations

  • American Indian Business Leaders
  • Association of Latino Professionals of America
  • Computer Science Club
  • DJ Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Gamma Alpha Omega Interest Group
  • Heritage University International Volunteer HQ
  • Heritage University Native American Club
  • Heritage University Nursing Students of Washington State
  • Inspire Club
  • Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.
  • M.E.Ch.A
  • Medical Science Club
  • Migrant Student Association
  • Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Physician Assistant Club Class 1
  • Physician Assistant Club Class 2
  • Sigma Lambda Beta Interest Group