Sahaptin Alphabet

Sahaptin Alphabet

Click on any of the letters of the alphabet to hear words that contain that sound. (Each of these files are in .wav format )


 a i u  ɨ
aa ii uu


Diphthongs *

aw ay iw uy
aaw aay iiw uuy

Soft and Hard Sounds (without the ‘k’s)

ch p t tł * ts *
ch’ * p’ * t’ * tł * ts’

Front and Back Sounds (without the ‘k’s)

x * xw *
x̱ * x̱w *

All the ‘k’s

front front back back
soft k * kw * k * kw *
hard k’ * kw’ * k‘ * kw’ *


All Other Sounds

h l ł * m n
s sh w y ‘ glottal stop

Additional pronunciations are available from the University of Washington Sahaptin Dictionary.