Welcome to the Heritage University Financial Aid documents portal. Below you will find forms related to financial aid, one or more of which you may have been requested to complete. Note: these forms may differ from year to year- please be sure to complete the form for the correct academic year.

2021-2022 School Year

New Students

When completing the requested form, if you are a new student to Heritage University, you must click on the new student link.  To ensure the security and confidentiality of the information contained in the various forms and to allow for ease of electronic signature by both you and sometimes also your parent, you will need to create a Dynamic Forms account.  When you click on the new student link it will take you to a log in page.  Once there click on Create New Account.  After you create your new Dynamic Forms account you will be able to complete the necessary forms to finish your financial aid application.

Returning Students

If you are a returning student please click on the returning student link associated with the form you are completing.  You will need to sign in using your Heritage email address and password to fill out the form. You do not need to create a Dynamic Forms account, one has already been created for you.

2021-2022 Work Study Application

2021-2022 V1 Verification Form 21/Form 41

Authorization to Send Text Messages

Awarding Appeal

Budget Adjustment Request

Dependent Care Allowance Form

Dependent Student Residency Questionnaire for State Aid

FERPA Authorization (Release of Information) Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Forms

Form 51 Proof of Independency

Form 52 Verification of Citizenship

Form 53 Selective Service Verification

Form 54 Low Income Statement

Form 56 Legal Dependent Verification

Form 57 Unusual Enrollment Form

Graduate TEACH Grant Application

Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form

Household Size Verification

Independent Student Residency Questionnaire for State Aid

Loan Cancellation Form

Loan Request Form

Parent Contribution Revision Request

Parent PLUS Loan

Petition for Dependency Override

Request for 100% Return of Funds

Student Contribution Revision Request

Undergraduate Federal TEACH Grant Application

V4 Form 44 Custom Independent Verification

V5 Form 25/Form 45 Aggregate Verification

WASFA Eligibility Verification

Summer 2022 Financial Aid Application

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