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Yusuf Incetas

Koray Lynx

Chair, Department of Teacher Preparation

Teacher Prep

Simkins (Alder) Building

Phone: (509) 865-8525

Ext: 2121



Koray Lynx, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction Secondary & Continuing Education and is an Associate Professor for the College of Education at Heritage University. His research interests include the Hizmet Movement, Technological Applications in Cultural Instruction for Diverse Learners, and Social Perceptions of Muslim Culture.


B.A. in English Language Teaching, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey
M.A. in English Language and Literature, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Incetas, Y. (2016). The gradual release of responsibility and the Albanian ESL

classroom. BJES, 13(2), 93-104.

Incetas, Y. (2014). A phenomenon in the making: The Hizmet Movement, its

philosophy on education, schools, and notions of bilingual education (Doctoral dissertation).

Incetas, Y. (2011). The USA and beyond: Bilingual education for Turkish minority

children in German public schools. The International Journal of Learning, 18(1), 35-44.