A degree in education not only prepares you to be a teacher but also provides a path to inspiring in others a passion for learning. Whether you want to be a principal, college administrator, teacher or tutor, you’ll learn about classroom management, the psychology of students, and which teaching methods are most useful for different types of learners.

About Our Program

Heritage offers multiple undergraduate program pathways to obtain your Washington State teaching certificate and Bachelor of Arts degree in education. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education.


HUInnovate is a teacher preparation program for a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with an English Language Learners endorsement and emphasis in elementary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The program is four semesters, the last of which is a semester of student teaching in a classroom!

The course schedule for this program includes eight-week sessions that take place in the evenings or online. This program is ideal for candidates who are working their way through school and also have an interest in teaching with a STEM emphasis.


“The demand for skilled workers is directly linked to global competitiveness! Preparing teachers in methodologies of STEM Education offers opportunities for our teacher candidates to be highly marketable in the educational hiring process. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are leading the way in the elementary classrooms and districts across America. STEM literacy is a necessary component of a student’s future success and this success begins in the classroom!”

– Dr. Corey McKenna

HU – Residency

Finish your Teacher Preparation Program with two years of classroom experience through our HU Residency program. You will become a teacher by working side by side with peers and an experienced classroom instructor in a K-8 classroom four days a week. Spend the fifth day on campus with your teammates in a day of seminars that teach you content knowledge as well as the theory and practice of teaching.

“The Residency program is really unique. It’s circular: I can immediately implement at the elementary school techniques that I’ve learned in my classes, and my experience in the elementary classroom leads to questions I can ask my professors…and you build relationships [with children] by being in the same classroom all year.”

-Amanda McDonald, Residency Student

 Early Childhood Studies

The Early Childhood Studies degree is for students not looking to become certified teachers but who wish, rather, to enter or advance in careers with outside agencies and programs related to early childhood studies.

Career opportunities: early learning teacher, program coordinator, home visitor, mentor/coach, child and family advocate, etc.

This program is offered in 4 semesters, face-to-face and online. Apply for this program if you are an aspiring professional who wants to develop the knowledge, skills and leadership qualities needed to succeed when working with parents, teachers, and children seeking services.

Career Options

Elementary Education (Grades K-8)
Middle Level Education (Grades 4-9)
Secondary Education (Grades 5-12)

Degree Offerings

Education Department

Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree, B.A.
Elementary Education (K-8)
Middle Level Education (4-9)

Bachelor of Arts Degree, B.A.

Early Childhood Studies (Non-teacher Certification Degree)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Education/Psychology

Associate of Arts Degree, A.A.
Concentration in Elementary Education

Educational Administration Certification Only

Program Faculty & Staff

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Livia Castilleja

Certification Officer

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Jami Hanks

Administrative Assistant

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Merrilou Harrison

Dean, College of Education

Corey McKenna

Corey McKenna


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Cynthia Zimbelman

Administrative Assistant to the Dean