About the Program

Psychology is a versatile degree that lends itself to success in a wide variety of careers. Through the study of human behaviors, students develop skills in critical thinking, communications, and research, all of which are in high demand for professional positions. Upon graduation, Heritage students frequently move into positions in the area of social services or continue their studies in a graduate program. On a national level, graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology can be found in many fields such as communications, business, sales, healthcare, and finance.

Students in the Psychology program at Heritage examine the causes and effects of human behaviors and relationships for individuals, families, and communities. Courses of study include social psychology, human learning, and abnormal psychology. Emphasis is placed on multi-cultural studies that reflect the diversity of the communities in which the students live and work.

Learning outcomes for the psychology major are:

  • Understand theory and content of psychology
  • Understand research methods used in psychology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Apply psychological principles to societal issues
  • Use technology to gather information
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build a community of diverse learners
  • Demonstrate career planning and development

What jobs are available for psychology graduates?

  • Case manager of mental health worker
  • Researcher or data analyst
  • Crime victim's advocate
  • At-risk youth worker
  • Social services coordinator
  • Human resources worker or recruiter
  • College development worker

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A major in psychology is intended to prepare students for employment in human services in baccalaureate-level positions and for graduate study in applied areas. In addition to completing the General University Course Requirements, psychology majors are required to complete lower-division requirements, major requirements, and 12-24 credits of electives. Lower-division and major requirement classes may not be taken pass/no pass or fall below a C- (1.7) grade.

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