About the Undergraduate Education Program

At Heritage University, the College of Education has both Undergraduate programs and Graduate programs.   The Undergraduate programs focus on becoming either a Teacher in the State of Washington or a Para-Professional or work in an Early Childhood career. 

The Teacher Preparation program at Heritage prepares students for a career in teaching. The undergraduate program provides you with all the requirements necessary to be successful in a classroom and the skills required to move on to a graduate program.  Extra focus is placed on understanding regional concerns and needs, as well as national trends in education. The program stresses the importance of connecting the classroom with the community, allowing students to gain valuable experience through teaching and practicum opportunities at local school districts and community organizations.

Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs:  One Goal – Two Pathways

Heritage offers two delivery options for candidates seeking a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.

Theory to Practice Model– Attend engaging, interactive classes, scheduled in the evenings and on weekends, along with field experience that allows you to apply what you are learning in class. This option is perfect for candidates who need to work full time during the day.

Residency Model–Work side by side with peers and an experienced classroom teacher in a K-8 classroom. Spend one to two days per week on campus with your teammates and instructors gaining content knowledge and pedagogy. This option allows you to graduate with two years of classroom experience.

Another undergraduate option is also available.

Undergraduate:  Associate of Arts

Candidates can also pursue a Content Concentration in Education with Associates of Arts degree.  This degree is helpful for those individuals who would like to become paraprofessionals.  In some school districts you can also emergency substitute with only an AA degree.

Undergraduate Early Childhood Studies Degree

The Early Childhood Studies degree is for students not looking to become certified teachers but who wish, rather, to enter or advance in careers with outside agencies and programs related to early childhood studies.  This program helps aspiring professionals develop the knowledge, skills and leadership qualities needed to succeed at these agencies as well as when working with parents, teachers, and children seeking services.