Criminal Justice


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The academic program in Criminal Justice is designed for career-seeking students. The purpose of the program is to produce critical thinkers who are knowledgeable, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and adapt to changing realities and circumstances. The program strives to familiarize students with facts, concepts, and knowledge affecting the development of public policy, justice, security and public safety in America. Critical thinking skills, leadership, communication skills, the ability to integrate ideas and a commitment to lifelong learning are primary outcomes for students in the Criminal Justice program. More important, the curriculum promotes ethical behavior in applying skills and academic knowledge to practical situations. It provides insights to social, political, legal and historical issues that are essential in problem solving. It provides perspective that enables students to work effectively in diverse, changing circumstances affecting diverse, changing populations. With this understanding, students are encouraged to think creatively in exploring ways to promote public safety, prevent crime, and improve the state of the criminal justice system overall.

What could I do with a Criminal Justice degree from Heritage?

Private Sector:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Corporate Security
  • Private Investigation
  • Attorney
  • Nonprofit Management

Public Sector:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Detective
  • Federal Agent
  • Government Administration

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    Social Sciences Department
    Associate of Arts
    Social Science, A.A.

Bachelor of Arts
Criminal Justice, B.A.

    Homeland Security Certificate

Student Club Affiliation

Heritage Justice Circle (HJC)

The Heritage Justice Circle (HJC), a student organization, provides mentorship opportunities and engages students to take on leadership and service responsibilities in its programs and activities. Examples of its projects include the following: a ride-along program in partnership with local police departments to familiarize students with the rewards and demands related to careers in law enforcement; career exploration trips to provide opportunities for students to interact with agents, analysts, recruiters, and officials from local, state and federal agencies such as the Yakima County Probation Services, Washington State Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Air Marshal Service.

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