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Kazuhiro Sonoda

Kazuhiro Sonoda


Natural Science

Simkins (Alder) Building

Phone: (509) 865-8538

Ext: 2140


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Courses Taught

  • ENSC 420 Environmental Monitoring
  • ENSC 220 Introduction to Climate Studies

Education and Degrees

Doctorate: Ph.D. — Major: Environmental Sciences and Resources with Graduate Certificate in Hydrology — Location: Portland State University — Date: 2002
Master's Degree: Master of Business Administration — Major: Business — Location: University of Guam — Date: 1995
Master's Degree: Master of Science — Major: Biology — Location: University of Guam — Date: 1992
Bachelor's Degree: Bachelor of Science — Major: Biological Science and minor in Biochemistry and Business Finance — Location: San Jose State University — Date: 1987

Professional Experience

Position: Associate Dean Arts and Sciences
Start Date: 2007 End Date: 2008
Company: Heritage University

Position: Chair, Science Department
Start Date: 2008 End Date: 2012
Company: Heritage University

Position: Dean of Instructions
Start Date: 2005 End Date: 2006
Company: Hawaii Tokai International College

Community Engagement

Board member, Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (June 2013 – 2015) Board member, Washington MESA Program (January 2012 – present) Chair of Senior Development Sub-Committee: United State Judo Federation (2006 – present) Treasure of American Water Resource Association Hawaii Chapter (2004-2005)

Research Interests

My research interests include urban hydrology, aquatic chemistry, water quality issues, riparian buffer relations to stream water quality and biota, groundwater surface water interactions, stream ecology, nutrient transport and releases from and to the stream and groundwater, coral reef ecology, chemical ecology, environmental economics and justice.

Publications and Professional Affiliations

Publication: American Water Resources Association Summer Conference Proceedings, Virginia Beach, Virgina
Title: Effects of Land Use on Water Quality Parameters and Nutrient Concentrations: Case Study of the Assinisboine River, Canada.
Date Published: 2008

Publication: Journal of Environmental Quality. Vol. 36, No.1. 114-154
Title: Relative Effects of Landuse and Near-stream Chemistry on Phosphorus in an Urban Stream
Date Published: 2007

Publication: Journal of the American Water Resource Association Vol. 37, No. 6, 1517-1532.
Title: Near-stream Landuse Effects on Streamwater Nutrient Distribution in an Urbanizing Watershed
Date Published: 2001

Publication: Isla: A Journal of Micronesian Studies
Title: Contingent Valuation of the Piti Underwater Observatory: a Pilot Study
Date Published: 1996

Publication: Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 102: 161-168
Title: Effects of Stony Coral Extracts on Feeding by Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758)
Date Published: 1993