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Behavioral Economics Online Certificate Program

Heritage University, in partnership with Behavior & Law, is pleased to offer this innovative behavioral economics training program. In this 13-week course you will develop interdisciplinary expertise in the field of Behavioral Economics Science, enabling you to go a meaningful step further to become a Behavioral Economic Officer.

This Behavioral Economics Certificate program is led by international experts and leaders on the subject. Our teaching staff is composed of professional experts in applying Behavioral Economics and PhDs in Economy and Psychology, developing interdisciplinary expertise in the field of Behavioral Economics in prestigious Universities and in multinational companies across the world (USA, EUROPE, LATAM, INDIA).

  • You will learn from experienced best professors and practitioners in Behavioral Science.
  • You will learn the foundations of Behavioral Economic Science and acquire practical skills to conduct your own Behavioral Economics interventions in your professional role.
  • You will acquire understanding of and implementation of Behavioral Design principles.
  • You will have a command over Behavioral Economics methodologies and tools extensively used in the discipline, combined with practical research experience.

Next Session Begins:
March 7, 2022

For more information, contact:

Martín Valadez