Travel Advisory

West Coast Regional Conference 2019

Our penchant In Washington State to consistently surprise travelers with new and improved roads comes with the price tag of frustration and  inconvenience. This message includes a cautionary tale for us not to depend completely on Google Maps for projecting travel distance to and from our conference sites. It is best to rely on frequent travelers and the Washington State Department of Transportation Advisory which we consult when adjusting departure times.

The 170 mile distance from Toppenish to SEA/TAC Airport and the accompanying timeframe shown on travel apps can be deceiving. Also, although we hope for good weather, “the pass” can have unpredictable weather ​and traffic patterns, detours and slow-downs.  This travel advisory is more of an early rising advisory that will point to the time that we need to efficiently board our tour busses to accommodate flights from Sea/Tac. It will be updated as we move forward. Additionally, our Conference APP (now live!) will have updates on departures as well.

Understandably, there are alternative schedules to be accommodated both in leaving Seattle and in arriving and leaving Toppenish (Heritage University). Options which may be useful  include car/van rentals to and from the airport or the following Airporter Shuttle.


Please note that from the various pick-up locations listed in Yakima for the Airporter Shuttle, the commute from Toppenish can be 40-45 minutes. If you have a pressing special arrangement, it is best to contact Enterprise Car Rental Company in Yakima to arrange a rental as soon as possible (509) 248-2170. You will first need to arrange your travel from Toppenish to Yakima.

Finally, as seasoned travelers like you, it is always our goal to avoid unnecessary delays or rushes in the context of our comings and goings. We understand that our rural and cultural location can be a challenging adjustment. We appreciate your commitment to understanding our differences, and hope that your time here, although challenging in various ways, will be enriching.


Winona Wynn

Winona Wynn
(509) 367-3041 

Laura Selznick
(650) 723-3828