HU KickStart

The best way to get up to speed and ready for college by day one of fall term.

Are you ready for college, but not “college-ready?” It’s probably been a while since you took your last math and English classes, skills from which you’ll need to succeed in college. Be sure you’re up to speed for college-level courses with HU KickStart.

HU KickStart is the best way to get on track quickly and inexpensively, insuring you’re ready for college on day one of fall term. Based on college placement tests, students are often placed in freshman math and English classes that are just about getting them up to speed – and with standard tuition costs, that means it costs more, takes longer for you to graduate, longer to start your career, and longer to start earning that college-graduate salary.

But enroll in HU KickStart this summer, and in just weeks [NOT a whole semester] you can be college-ready! Major score! Plus, you’ll work directly with Heritage faculty as you get up to speed!

More good news: HU KickStart works with your summer schedule! Class times are flexible. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available to fit your work schedule!

Don’t spend freshman year playing catch-up. Register for summer HU KickStart courses, build your skill level, and eliminate the delay. Graduate on time – and on budget.

HU KickStart Facts

  • Learn from college instructors!
    Work directly with Heritage faculty and use many of the same university resources as Heritage-enrolled students.
  • Secure your enrollment!
    HU KickStart students are automatically accepted at Heritage University for the semester following their HU KickStart classes.
  • Secure your financial aid package!
    As a HU KickStart student, your financial aid package is guaranteed for one year.
  • Complete KickStart at no charge!
    Get your skills up to speed for FREE, then enroll at HU the following semester!

How KickStart works

It’s not uncommon for incoming Heritage students to be a little rusty in math skills. In fact, it’s pretty common. This is where HU KickStart comes in.

Depending on your needs, you’ll enroll in any or all of these content areas. You will work directly with Heritage faculty, using many of the same resources as enrolled students to build your skill level. As a KickStart student, you’ll be conditionally enrolled at Heritage University for the following semester, and your financial aid package will be secure for the year. The best part? It’s free- meaning you won’t have to use up precious financial aid while you improve your skills.

All KickStart classes are taught at Heritage University, with multiple sessions available to meet your busy schedule.

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