Heritage University’s commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond its mission of providing quality education for students from the surrounding area.  A focus on community service is woven through the culture and classrooms at this institution. Faculty and staff members proudly serve on the boards of directors and committees of many nonprofit agencies. 

Women 2 Women - International Women's Day Celebration

On the morning of Saturday, March 7, 2015, 133 women from Yakima County and beyond gathered in Smith Family Hall to help Women 2 Women at Heritage University celebrate International Women's' Day.  There were displays by 12 local women authors and artists, including our own Carolyn Nelson and Sr. Terry Mullen.  Board member Mimi Gates introduced the keynote speaker, Jackie Bezos, who gave an inspiring overview of the early childhood brain research funded by the Bezos Foundation.  That research has led to a Foundation-led program called VROOM that offers free tools parents can use with their infants and toddlers to help stimulate brain development.  The event can be acclaimed as a success on two fronts:  it raised enough funds for at least two scholarships to help our students with childcare tuition at the Early Learning Center, and it provided a positive introduction to a large number of people who were on our campus for the first time.

Update:  On April 2, 2015, word was received that the Bezos Family Foundation decided to match the contributions raised to support the Heritage University Early Learning Center scholarships in the amount of $10,000 along with the purchase of two strollers of the center's choice.  Thank you to the Bezos Family Foundation for their very generous donation!