We Make It Possible

Heritage University is an accredited, private institution offering a wide variety of academic programs and degrees. At Heritage, we believe that a college education should be accessible to anyone with the talent and drive to pursue a degree — regardless of economics, culture or geographic locations.

We make it possible for you to earn a college degree, even with a busy work and home life. Many of our undergraduate courses are offered during the evenings, and graduate courses are offered on the weekends. In addition to the main campus located in Toppenish, Washington, we maintain a regional site in Tri-Cities on the Columbia Basin College campus.

With Heritage, you’ll enjoy a world-class, multi-cultural education and personalized attention. Classes are small, averaging only 11 students in each class. Professors are skilled practitioners with ties deep in their respective fields. Learn more by visiting our Admissions section!

Our Mission

Heritage University empowers a multi-cultural and inclusive student body to overcome the social, cultural, economic and geographic barriers that limit access to higher education. Rooted in the homeland of the Yakama Nation, we embrace transformational student-centered education that cultivates leadership and a commitment to the promotion of a more just society.

Core Themes

  1. Access and Equity: Heritage University strives to identify, recruit, enroll and retain students from a wide range of different types of backgrounds.
  2. Academic Excellence: Academic excellence includes all aspects of a high quality liberal arts and career-preparatory educational experience for all students, from the individual course level through completion of their goals. It includes student satisfaction with courses and student services, employer satisfaction with Heritage students, the percentage of courses taught by full-time faculty and student outcomes (graduation rates, placement rates and course success).
  3. Community Engagement: Community engagement includes partnerships with various organizations across the regions that Heritage University serves. It embraces an outreach mentality leading to immersion in local communities to understand their educational needs and adapt to meet them, and to lead students and graduates to give back to their communities.
  4. Institutional Vitality: Vitality relates to the health of the institution itself, such as its financial sustainability.