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About the Visual Arts Program 

The Visual Arts program at Heritage helps students find their artistic path, teaching them a variety of studio techniques and providing a curriculum that is devoted to the achievement of excellence in visual expression. Students complete a program that is specifically tailored to meet their needs in such areas as painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and design. They discover the historical roots and influences that contributed to contemporary art and come away with a larger understanding of the role and relevance of the visual arts in contemporary societies. Career opportunities are explored with students developing competence in basic studio skills, awareness of historical and contemporary critical concerns within the profession, and sensitivity to the breadth of aesthetic diversity expressed through the visual arts. Through required senior internships, students acquire valuable hands-on experience that helps them transition to graduate school or careers as professional artists or related professions in business and education.

Professional as well as studio skills are an integral part of our program.  Our Professional Practices course includes studio management skills, portfolio development, and multiple experiences with professional artists and the wide variety of opportunities available for careers as a visual artist.  Each student completes an internship with an artist, art gallery or museum, depending on their individual interest, during which they develop hands-on knowledge and skills to enter the professional art world.  In a culminating senior thesis course, students prepare a professional portfolio including resume, artists statement and a written thesis documenting their final studio work.

What could I do with a Visual Arts degree from Heritage?

  • Artist
  • Artist-in-Resident
  • Art Teacher
  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Designer
  • Jeweler

Graduate School in the following:

  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Visual Art Therapy
  • Landscape Design
  • Architecture
  • Graphic Artist

In addition to artist and art teaching; consulting and marketing firms frequently employ artists; applied design fields such as interior, graphic and landscape employ visual artists in their businesses; and private and public galleries and museums employ artists at every level.  Established artists are a major employer of artists.  Jewelers, architectural ceramists, and sculptors focusing on public commissions frequently employ a team of artists.  Photographers find employment opportunities both as freelance artists and with media of all kind.  In addition, our program prepares students for application for further study in residencies or graduate work in the Fine Arts or related fields such as Art Therapy, Architecture, and Visual Anthropology.

Our Artist-in-Residence program brings professional artists to the campus to lecture and present workshops throughout the year.  Heritage University received the 2012 Washington State Governor's Award for Arts and Culture in recognition of our Artist-in-Residence program.

Heritage art faculty are all working professional artists and along with the artists who come as residence to our campus, mirror and model the vast opportunity for careers in the visual arts.

The Heritage Gallery offers student opportunity to exhibit their art work on campus as well as exposure to professional level exhibits.

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The Fine Arts Club is an active and energetic resource for all students. 
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