Master in Teaching


Leverage your existing Bachelor's degree and become a teacher at Heritage University! Earn a Master in Teaching (MIT) degree in as little as one year. Choose the program that best fits your learning style and life situation: HU Theory to Practice, HU Residency, or our intensive HU Accelerate program. 

 HU Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice courses are conveniently scheduled during evenings and weekends to fit the needs of your busy schedule.  You will learn the latest practices from professors with years of experience working in K-12 education. Throughout the program, you get hands-on, practical teaching experience; during your final semester, you will apply what you've learned during your field experience in a K-8 classroom.


Kayli Berk"Within Theory to Practice, you get down to the basic practice and reflect on why you want to be a teacher. The reflective piece is built into every practice. We're not just learning to teach; we're teaching to learn." 

-Kayli Berk, Theory to Practice student

HU Residency

Finish your Teacher Preparation Program with two years of classroom experience through our HU Residency program. You will become a teacher by working side by side with peers and an experienced classroom instructor in a K-8 classroom four days a week. Spend the fifth day on campus with your teammates in a day of seminars that teach you content knowledge as well as the theory and practice of teaching.


Amanda McDonald"The Residency program is really unique. It's circular: I can immediately implement at the elementary school techniques that I've learned in my classes, and my experience in the elementary classroom leads to questions I can ask my professors...and you build relationships [with children] by being in the same classroom all year."

-Amanda McDonald, Residency student 

 HU Accelerate

The HU Accelerate program at Heritage is the fastest route we offer to earn your Master in Teaching.  It allows you to earn your degree in just one year while working as a paid full-time teacher.  The program is challenging, but upon completion, you will be prepared to certify in Elementary Education with an additional endorsement in either Special Education, Bilingual Education or English Language Learner.

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       Jeremy Baird"[The Accelerate program] has been especially rewarding...the stuff you do in class directly relates to what you do in your own classroom, and you see those successes.  It is a rigorous program--a lot of work, a lot of time--but to be able to say that you completed a master's in a's worth it."

- Jeremy Baird, HU Accelerate Student


Additional Endorsements

Current certified teachers looking to add endorsements to their certificate may be able to do so through our Teacher Preparation Program at Heritage University.

  • Determine which Pathway fits your needs based on your current endorsement held.
  • Learn how to apply to add your desired endorsement given the Pathway you noted above.
  • Contact us to determine if Heritage can meet your needs.