How to Apply

  • Application for Admission: You must be officially admitted or conditionally admitted before financial aid will be awarded.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Financial aid awards will only be made after Heritage receives your federal student aid report.  You can apply and check your status online at
  • Submit any additional documentation requested: Some students are selected for verification are asked to provide additional documentation.  You will receive a request for information along with instructions on how to submit the necessary forms if you are selected.  All forms are available through My Heritage.
  • Your financial aid award: After all requested documentation is received and your application is processed, you will receive an award letter outlining your personal financial aid package.  You must formally accept all or part of the award in order to finalize your financial aid by following the instructions on your award letter.  Sometimes, as additional funds become available, you will receive revised award letters.  This award replaces the one previously made. 
  • Student loans: if you are awarded and accept a student loan, you must complete both an online loan counseling session and a master promissory note before the funds can be dispersed.  Instructions on how to complete these will be sent to you after your signed financial aid award letter has been received.
  • Financial aid refunds: Financial aid funds are credited toward you account at Heritage University. Any balance remaining after all charges have been paid, to include books, tuition and fees, will be refunded to you.  You will receive notification from the Business Office if a credit balance is created when a student loan applied to your account. You can monitor and view your account history on My Heritage.
  • It is important that you read all correspondences from the Financial Aid Office so that you do not miss deadlines or other opportunities that could limit your financial aid package.