How to Apply


    A - Complete the FAFSA:

    • Apply at
    • Financial aid awards will only be determined once Heritage receives your student aid report and you have been officially or conditionally admitted.

B - Submit any additional documentation requested:

    • Students selected for verification will receive a request for additional documentation.
    • Verification forms are available on myHeritage.

C - Your finanical aid awards:        

    • After all verification documents are received and processed, you will receive an award letter.
    • You must then sign and return the award letter.

D - Types of awards:

    • Student loans:  entrance counseling and a master promisory note (mpn) must be completed at
    • Grants:  Washington State Need Grant, Pell Grant, or TEACH grant.
    • Scholarships:  Eagle or Pledge or both

E - Refunds:    

    • Once all your awards are posted onto your student account, any remaining balance will be refunded to you in a check.