What is Heritage University’s tax I.D. number?

What if I want to apply for admission to Heritage University, but I don't have a final high school transcript yet?

Does Heritage University run on a quarter or semester system?

If I am a full-time student, how many classes will I be taking? How many classes does a half-time student take?

Is there an application fee to apply to Heritage University?

I notice that students applying for undergraduate admissions are required to take an assessment test. Do I have to be admitted first in order to take the assessment test? What does the test consist of, when and where is it offered, and how long does it take?

If I am a transfer student, do I still need to submit my high school transcript or GED certificate? Will I still need to take the assessment test?

Does Heritage University have any institutional scholarships that I can apply for?

Is there an application deadline at Heritage University?