About the Education Program

The Education program at Heritage prepares students for a career in teaching and provides them with all the requirements necessary to move on to a graduate program, if desired. Extra focus is placed on understanding regional concerns and needs, as well as national trends in education. The program stresses the importance of connecting the classroom with the community, allowing students to gain valuable experience through teaching and practicum opportunities at local school districts and community organizations.

The multicultural setting found at Heritage reflects the changing face of today’s public schools and lets students experience a variety of culturally diverse opportunities to help them thrive in the community. Heritage consistently places program participants in teaching positions and is among the leaders in preparing teachers to meet the needs of second language learners.

The Education program is also offered in a residency-based model through our HU105 program. For more information, go to HU105 B.A. in Education.



Bachelor of Arts in Education

  1. Elementary Education (levels K-8)
    Concentration in:
    1. Bilingual Education (levels P-12)
    2. ESL (levels P-12)
    3. Early Childhood Education (birth – 3)
    4. Special Education (levels P-12)
    5. Middle-Level Math (levels 4-9)
    6. Middle-Level Science (levels 4-9)
  2. Middle-Level Education (levels 4-9)  
    Concentration in:
    1. Humanities
    2. Math
    3. Science

Bachelor of Arts
(secondary levels 5-12)
     3.  English/Language Arts (levels 5-12)
     4.  Mathematics (levels 5-12)
     5.  Science (levels 5-12)
          Concentration in:
            a.  Biology (levels 5-12)
            b.  Chemistry (levels 5-12)
            c.  Visual Arts (levels K-12)

Associate of Arts