Master in Teaching


Master in Teaching

Teachers with real-world experience are in high demand. Heritage University’s Master in Teaching (M.I.T.) program lets you take advantage of your existing bachelor’s degree as a means to achieve a new career in teaching.

Regardless of the field of study in which you earned your undergraduate degree, you can earn a master’s degree and the certification required to become a K-8 elementary teacher in Washington State. You may even be able to earn additional endorsements based solely on your undergraduate degree (or by taking a few additional courses) that will allow you to teach in upper levels.

Success is in reach - two models to choose from
Heritage makes continuing education fit your busy life. The M.I.T. program is conveniently offered in a theory-to-practice format in Moses Lake, Tri-Cities and Toppenish. Classes are held weeknights and weekends so that you can continue to work while earning your degree. Heritage also offers a residency-based MIT program through HU105.

You’ll journey with friends
Heritage facilitates student success through its use of the cohort model. This study arrangement lets you and your fellow classmates advance and work collectively throughout the entire program. It helps you build a supportive network that encourages collaborative discussions, ideas, and feedback that continues long after graduation.

The path is clear
Heritage’s M.I.T. program takes just five semesters to complete, which includes four semesters of course work and one semester of student teaching experience.

The program is taught by dedicated professors who are experienced educators with real-world insights into local school districts and classroom techniques. You’ll learn the latest education theory and methodology through course work as well as through hands-on experience in K-8 classrooms. In this way, you’ll be exposed to a diversity of language, income, and ethnic backgrounds prior to student teaching. You’ll also be well prepared to work with the multicultural populations in our surrounding communities.

For more information on the theory-to-practice model please call 509-865-8549.

For residency-based MIT information, go to Heritage 105 Master in, or call 509-865-8644.

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