BSN Plan of Study


BSN Plan of Study

The generic program of study for high school graduates leads to a BSN degree. Students entering Heritage University as freshmen may take four or five years to complete the BSN degree requirements, depending on readiness for this rigorous program of studies. Eligible students are admitted to pre-nursing in the freshman year. Multiple factors impact a new college student's successful completion of a rigorous schedule of arts and science courses in pre-nursing. Together with their academic advisors, students will schedule a program of pre-nursing that takes one or two academic years. Students who demonstrate success in the Pre-Nursing Pathway will be advised to apply to the BSN program during the Spring Semester prior to beginning the BSN program in following Fall Semester. Transfer students also are eligible for admission to the BSN program. Consult the BSN Admission Guide for more information about admission for Heritage Pre-Nursing Pathway students and for Transfer Students.

The nursing program includes nursing, science and liberal arts courses. The ratio of clinical laboratory or practice hours to credit hours is 4 to 1. Students may be registered for courses alternate semesters, depending upon clinical agency placement. A sample study plan demonstrates how an entry-level pre-nursing student might schedule the required courses:

Pre-Nursing Pathway (1 - 2 Years)
Semester I (Fall)
BIOL 110 (or 111) General Biology  3
BIOL 110L (or 111L) General Biology Lab 1
CHEM 101 Intro to Chemistry 3
CHEM 101L Intro to Chemistry Lab 1
MATH 140 College Algebra 3
MATH 140L College Algebra Lab 1
NURS 103 Pre-Nursing Pathway 0
NURS 114W Personal Knowledge Development 2
UNIV 101 Foundations/Success I 2
   Total Nursing 2

Semester II (Spring)
BIOL 340 Human Anatomy 3
BIOL 340L Human Anatomy Lab 1
CHEM 202L Organic & Biochemical Processes of the Human Body 4
CHEM 202L Organic & Biochemical Processes of the Human Body Lab 1
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
NURS 103 Pre-Nursing Pathway 0
NURS 206W Ethical Nursing Practice 2
 SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
  Total Nursing 2
  TOTAL 17
 BSN Program (Sophomore)
Semester III (Fall)
BIOL 220 Microbiology 3
BIOL 220L Microbiology Lab 1
BIOL 341            Physiology 3
BIOL 341L Physiology Lab 1
DRMA 205* Aesthetics of Nursing Practice 3
MATH 221 Introduction to Probability & Statistics 4
NURS 208 Empirics of Nursing Practice 3
  Total Nursing 3
  TOTAL 18
Semester IV (Spring)
NURS 207 Relationship Based Nursing Practice 2
NURS 292L Health and Physical Assessment Lab 3
NURS 300A Pharmacology for Nursing 3
NURS 300 AL Pharmacology for Nursing Lab 1
NURS 310 Pathophysiology for Nursing 3
 PHIL 210 Logic and Critical Reasoning 3
 PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Total Nursing 12
  TOTAL  18
BSN Program (Junior)
Semester V (Fall)  Sunday Monday Hospice Memorial, Kittitas
NURS 209L Nursing Procedures Lab 2
NURS 215 Nutrition for Nurses 2
NURS 215L Nutrition Lab for Nurses 1
NURS 216 Professional Nursing - Thinking Like a Nurse 3
NURS 306 Family Nursing Inquiry 3
NURS 306L Family Nursing Practice Lab 2
PSY 325 Human Growth & Development 3
   Total Nursing 13 
  TOTAL  16
Semester VI (Spring)
HIS 201W  World Civilization 3
NURS 312 Physiological Concepts in Clinical Reasoning I 3
NURS 312L Physiological Clinical Reasoning Lab I 2
NURS 314  Psychosocial Concepts in Clinical Reasoning 3
NURS 314L Psychosocial Clinical Reasoning Lab` 2
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
   Total Nursing 10 
   TOTAL 16
 Semester VII (Summer)
NURS 316 Physiological Clinical Reasoning II 3
NURS 316L Physiological Concepts in Clinical Reasoning II Lab 2
NURS 322L Physiological Concepts in Clinical Reasoning III Lab (variable credit) 1
  Total Nursing 6
BSN Program (Senior)
Semester VIII (Fall)
Language Language (most students at HU receive credit for competency)  3
NURS 304** Quality, Safety & Informatics in Nursing Practice 3
NURS 307 Policy, Power & Politics of Nursing 3
NURS 317 Community Oriented Nursing Inquiry 4
NURS 317L Community Oriented Nursing Practice Lab 2
NURS 322L Physiological Clinical Reasoning III 4
  Total Nursing 15
  TOTAL 18
Semester IX (Spring
ENG 324W            Advanced Composition Writing in the Health Sciences 3
NURS 318 Nursing Leadership and Management 3
NURS 417 Community-based Collaborative Action Research 2
NURS 418L Professional Role Integration 4
PHIL 310W Philosophy and Culture 3
   Total Nursing 9
   Total 15
  Total Nursing Credits  75
  Total Liberal Arts Credits   65


*DRMA 205 fulfills the General University Education Requirements for a Performing Arts course, and is cross-listed under DRMA and NURS

**NURS 304 fulfills the General University Education Requirement for a Technology course.

Upon successful completion of the BSN curriculum, graduates will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX examination for licensure as a Registered Nursing (RN). Satisfactory completion of the NCLEX enables the graduate to practice as an RN in the state for which the examination was written.