HU105 B.A. in Education


A residency-based model of teacher preparation

HU105 prepares undergraduate candidates to become highly competent first year teachers who are able to successfully serve in high need schools. Graduates of the program are certified in K-8 education.

Candidates accepted into the program serve full-time in public school classrooms in collaboration with 2 other candidates and a Core Teacher. This team is responsible and accountable for the academic growth of the learners in the classroom. One day a week candidates attend a full-day seminar dedicated to developing and refining content and pedagogical skills. Undergraduates serve two full years in the program.

HU105 Vision

To implement a collaborative, residency-based model of teacher preparation that results in highly effective, deeply motivated educators.

HU105 Mission

HU105 exists to design, implement and evaluate an innovative model of teacher preparation which results in:

  • Highly effective teachers who are prepared to work in diverse settings and able to structure equitable learning opportunities that result in success for all students;
  • Teachers who work effectively in teams;
  • Teachers who engage in continuous growth that leads to longevity in the profession; and
  • Teachers who reflect the cultural plurality of our region and nation.

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Bachelor of Arts in Education

Elementary Education
(levels K-8)

With a concentration in:

English as a Second Language
(levels P-12)