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The Theory to Practice M.I.T. pathway is just one of our great models to achieving your master in teaching.  Candidates will learn the foundations of teaching and then gain valuable experience through teaching and practicum at local school districts and community organizations.

This pathway to becoming a teacher is great for those candidates who need to work during the day.  Classes are held in the evenings and on weekends.

  • Complete coursework in five semesters. 
  • Learn the latest practices from professors with years of experience working in K-12 education
  • Get hands-on, practical teaching experience working in K-12 classroom, after school programs, and community organizations throughout our program.

For more information about the Master in Teaching (M.I.T.) program please email the or call (509) 865-8514.

The HU Residency M.I.T. program prepares graduate candidates to become highly competent teachers who are able to successfully serve in high needs schools.  Graduates of the program are certified in K-8 education.

Candidates accepted into the program serve full-time in public school classrooms in collaboration with 2 other candidates and a Core Teacher.  The team is responsible and accountable for the academic growth of the learners in the classroom.  One day a week candidates attend a full-day seminar dedicated to developing and refining content and pedagogical skills.  Graduates serve two full years in the program.

  • Complete coursework in three semesters.
  • Candidates earn degree by teaching in local elementary or middle school serving as a member of a three-person teaching/learning team.
  • Evenings, weekends and summers available for outside employment.
  • learn how to plan and deliver individualized or differentiated instruction.
  • Candidates earn ELL/BLE endorsement.

The option is available in Toppenish.

For more information about the Master in Teacher (M.I.T.) program please email or call (509) 865-8514.

The HU Accelerate M.I.T. program is an alternate route to obtain a Masters in Teaching degree.  This pathway to certification requires that individuals currently possess a bachelor's degree.  Upon completion, candidates will be prepared for K-8 endorsement with a second endorsement in either Special Education or ELL/BLE.  There will also be a jump in pay for them after completion of their Master's degree.

Teacher candidates can either be recommended to this program:

  • Through Heritage University
  • Our School District Partners

Candidate who meet all the requirements and complete a successful interview will be able to complete their program in three semesters, with ongoing support from Heritage University and district-identified mentors.

For more information please contact Teacher Preparation Program at 509-865-8514 or